“Some of the best benchmarking data are published by… Scott Resource Group, led by recruiting expert Mary Scott.” - Recruit or Die
About Scott Resource Group
Scott Resource Group [SRG] provides client organizations with unbiased and unfiltered comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations to identify, attract, select and retain targeted campus talent.  Every SRG client engagement is led by Mary Scott, a nationally recognized subject matter expert whose research capabilities and counsel are highly valued for their authenticity and basis in data, rather than conventional wisdom.  Prior to founding her professional practice in 1989, Mary was Director of Staffing at Aetna Life & Casualty. She holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Connecticut [GO HUSKIES!!!], and a BA in English from St. Joseph College, where she began her recruitment career as an Admissions officer.
Mary is also a Managing Partner of IronHorse Surveys LLC, an independent provider of the proprietary online recruitment program and process assessment tools that power the research and analytics capabilites of Scott Resource Group professional services.
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