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SRG Diagnostic Analytics

At the heart of every successful organization’s recruitment design and execution is a dispassionate understanding of its strengths and

opportunities for improvement, as candidly assessed by those whose opinions matter - its targeted candidates and recent hires.

SRG offers a comprehensive suite of diagnostic tools that provide internal metrics that are elusive to employers gathering such data in-house.


The Real Story

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Employer Diagnostic Initiatives

Fall 2020 COVID-19 Initiatives

Career Fairs
SRG offers employers a variety of primary research tools that are fully customizable to address the current state and specific needs of the organization. Current diagnostic project examples include:
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SRG is launching a new suite of virtual recruitment assessment tools, powered by IronHorse, our proprietary survey engine. IronHorse Dashboard Scorecards will provide employers with granular, actionable metrics in real-time, to assure that their practices and processes align with students’ needs:
Each SRG Diagnostic Initiative is a one-off research project, designed in collaboration with the client. All findings are unique to the specific survey project and commissioning organization, and are never extracted from an existing database, nor repurposed from a general set of current student survey responses.
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