SRG Consulting
SRG Consulting advises client organizations on issues along the entire university relations and recruitment continuum.  Every engagement is led by subject matter expert Mary Scott, whose expertise and insight provide clarity to identify and navigate the client’s real issues.
Analysis and Solutions
Custom Strategic Plans
SRG consulting engagements are tailored to each commissioning organization, from project scope and objectives to customized deliverables.  Project phases typically comprise a multi-channel approach with key stakeholders, to assure a fully- executable solution.  Recent projects include: Campus Candidate Personas Development Rotation Program Assessment New Hire Retention Analysis
SRG provides comprehensive benchmarking design, fielding and analysis to provide clients with competitor intelligence on the full range of UR issues.  Most benchmarking projects comprise targeted external data gathering, to identify the success metrics and best practices of high-performance organizations.  Findings include detailed recommendations for program and/or process improvements and an implementation map.
Clients have engaged SRG to build comprehensive strategic plans that address a current state/desired state gap.  SRG strategic plan design comprises: Comprehensive external and internal assessments Detailed SWOT analysis Targeted strategy development Action planning to reach the desired state 
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